Handmade Chessboard
This unique handmade chessboard is made from camel bone and wood from the Betel palm. 

Cow leather is used for the base of the board, so the chessboard remains stable on nearly all surfaces. 

The chessboard is decorated using the ancient Persian khatam technique of inlaying. It is a version of marquetry where patterns  are made by decorating the surface with delicate pieces of wood, bone, and metal precisely-cut intricate geometric patterns.

The chessboard has drawers which can be to store the chess pieces. 

Each corner of the chessboard is decorated with four unique cooper creations shaped as either a heart or brain. Choose to attack with your mind and defend with your heart or attack with your heart and defend with your mind.

The chess pieces or chessmen are hand shaped and crafted from stone. Another unique feature of this chessboard is to the artist’s choice to shape the King as a prawn with moon spirt. This represents the artist’s philosophy that a true king is a soldier; and the spirit of the king is with all his soldiers. 

This chessboard took the artist one year to craft.

Condition - DISPLAYED 
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Handmade Chessboard