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DC Comics meet Miss Mindy in this fabulous pop art vinyl interpretation of the Dark Knight. Where there’s a crime, the caped crusader is never too far behind. Batman is ready to save the day as he poses in a classic standing stance with his signature cape and badge. The exaggerated expression that batman wears is nostalgic of the unique old timey cartoon feel that Miss Mindy projects in all her designs.

Following the success of the popular DC comic book movies, White Lemon are proud to present Grand Jester Studios’ range of collectible DC superhero figurines. The Grand Jester Studios collection features three of our favourite DC superhero characters – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Each piece stands at 1/6” to human scale and is a detailed representation of their comic book counterparts. These exclusive figurines are limited edition, only 1,500 pieces exist worldwide. Be a part of the fandom today with your very own collectible superhero!

Fill those early months or years with all the imagination and inspiration they need to thrive with our full baby and kids collection! For the nature inspired nursery, sleepy koalas snuggle close to delicate branches, while light boxes encourage the little super heroes in your life and the perfect wall art inspires your young dreamer. Not just décor, enrichment and learning toys keep their little minds running while they enjoy countless hours of valuable play. Not just for style and play, the perfect cushions, snuggly character plushes, and bedtime stories keep your little one’s bedroom relaxing and comforting for years of great sleep.


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